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Dorota Morawetz

Designer Biography

Born in Rzeszów, lives in Cracow, Poland. She belongs to the midlle generations of polish scenographers that marked themselves between and of 80-ties and 90-ties and continue theirs professional activity in 2000-ties. She studed history of Art /Jagiellonian University, Cracow/ and stage design /Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow/. She did her diploma with distinction at prof. prof. Lidia i Jerzy Skarżyński in 1987. It was "The Threepenny Opera" of Bertold Brecht, that she was an opportunity to prepare twice in polish music theatres /Chorzów, Lublin/. She realized several dozen of spectacles in many polish theatre /In Cracow, Warsow, Poznań, Gdańsk/ and television designing scenography and costumes, collaborated directors like Henryk Baranowski, Tadeusz Bradecki, Jan Machulski, Marcel Kochańczyk, Eugeniusz Korin, Zbigniew Zalewski and many others. Behind her work for the theatre Dorota Morawetz designs unique fashion collections and present them by the form or performances or video-instalations. She is also the lecturer of history of costume and fashion and the teacher of fashion and costume design in the schools of art and fashion /SAPU, MSKiPU, Ignatianum/. Her work was appreciated in several festivals and competitions where she received a few awards for costumes, stage design and fashion /Opolskie Konfrontacje Teatralne, Festiwal Dwa Teatry in Sopot/.

Designer Gallery

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Costume at the Turn of the Century (1990 - 2015) - Moscow, Russia - - June-August 2015

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