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Lidija Jovanovic

Designer Biography

Having finished her studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, L. J. started her

career turning predominantly to the theatrical expression. She worked on theatrical

projects, showed at independent and group exhibitions. She enrolled in the post

graduate studies at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, theatrology section. As far as fashion is concerned, she is mostly interested in accessoire. So, in 1997, she finished footwear and hat design courses at Saint Martin's School of Art and Design.

The impulsive decision to respond to a prize competition of the fashion house Joshua, changes the course of her life. In the shoe, she finds a harmony between love for scenic and almost graphical stylization which fashion demands.

Having studied from the best in her own country, in Italy, in England, after several years experience of work on the posts of art director in Joshua and designer in Labrador, she decided to apply the accomplished knowledge in creating a new brand under her own name. Thus appears a Design Studio Lidija Jovanovic.

Today, apart from her work on L. J. brand development she also works on qualifying new

fashion staff through the lecturing at Belgrade section of the Istituti Callegari Milano, Fashion & Design Italian Institutes...

Lidija was born in Belgrade in 1975. Growing up in the family of an artist and a jurist, she

early had to decide which part would she take.

At the age of fourteen the decision was made. Lidija enrolled in School for Design in Belgrade, and immediately after that the Faculty of Applied Arts, costume design section.

She has started her professional art engagement as early as the age of seventeen, and during her studies she worked as a costume designer in a great number of stage pieces, and also exhibited on group and independent exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Since June 1998, a member of ULUPUDS, and since 1999, a regular member.

Attended postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Drama Arts, theatrology section.

During the studies she attended courses Milinary Block-Making and Design for Shoes at the

prestigious British Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design



Its basic activity is design and manufacture of footware and leather fancy articles.

Since 2008- professor at Istituti Callegari Milano, Fashion & Design Italian Institutes, Belgrade

From 2004 till 2005 - designer in the fashion louse Labrador

From 2002 till 2004 - art manager and designer of the fashion house JOSHUA

From 1999 till 2000 - sports equipment designer in the firm NAAI

From 1994 till 1998 - costume designer at Peter Pan Theatre


1st prize on the contest of the firm McCann Ericson::Fresh Awards::

by the audience's votes, May 2007 in Belgrade.

1st prize on the contest of the fashion house JOSHUA - members of the jury: Dragana Ognjenovic, fashion designer; Branko Pavic, professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade; Dejan Miljkovic, architect; Igor Todorovic, editor FTV; Belgrade, June 2002.

Award for the best costumes in the play:: Philoctetes::

The Thirteenth festival "Ten Days of Academic Theatre", 1996.

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