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Maja Mirkovic

Designer Biography

Maja Mirković (1977) graduated and mastered Theatre costume design from University of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade. She also has Masters Degree in the Interdisciplinary Studies from Belgrade University of Arts, Scenic Design, with research project "Cultural construction of gender through clothing - phenomenon Belgrade". During many years Mirković is a collaborator of the TkH - Walking Theory, Journal for performing arts. Her professional affiliations include membership of Serbian Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Design. Mirković has had two independent exhibitions of design work and participated in twenty three collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. Her texts were published in magazines and exhibition catalogues. Her poems have been published in the Anthology of Modern Poetry "Tracing gender, purpose of engagement" and "24/7 Of Love", published by DEVE. As one of the authors she participated in the realization of the Multimedia Arts Project "SD-02 Place Krstac", the representative of Serbia and Montenegro (Montenegrin Eco-Lab) at the 2004 Biennial of Architecture in Venice, Italy. Since graduation Mirković has designed costumes for numerous theatre productions (94) and films (8) in professional theatres in the country and abroad. Her work has received the biggest national acclaim for theatre costume design (Sterijina nagrada 2011), as well as many awards for the best costume design on different local festivals.

Designer Gallery

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Costume at the Turn of the Century (1990 - 2015) - Moscow, Russia - - June-August 2015

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