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Miroslav Batan Blagojevic

Designer Biography

M. Batan Blagojevic was born in 1950. In Belgrade. Serbia. He graduated the fine arts in Belgrade in 1980. He got his master of arts degree in 1996. He is engaged in painting, costimography and grafics. Costume designs made for theatres in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zajecar, Mostar, Kraljevo, Zenica, Vrsac, Bitolj, Kraljevo... Participated in over 350 exhibitions in Yugoslavia/Serbia/, and foreign. His works are exposed museums, and collections: Belgrade, Rome, Saint Nikleas, Racibroz, Barcelona, Toronto, Warsaw, Cadagues, Canagara, Augustov, Sofia, Upsala, Ankara... Winer of international, republik and regional prizes and awards. Jam the author of this work. Address: 11. Belgrade, ul Ljuba Vuckovica br. 23/31. Telephone: 011/39.79.240


  1. Custume disigner: Miroslav - Batan Blagojević. Serbia. M.Kundera: „Zak Fatalist". Belgrade drame theatre 1995. „Landlady" - D. Drzanic, „Zak" - M. Milovanov, „Lord" - T. Kuruzovic. Directed by Gradimir Gojer. Stage designer V. Srbljanovic, photograph: V. Sljukic.

  2. Custume designer: Miroslav - Batan Blagojevic. Serbia. M. Kundera: „Zak Fatalist". Belgrade drama theatre. 1955. „Landlady" - D. Krzanic, „Zistin" - J Cvorovic, „Zak" - M. Milovanov, „Mather" - V. Djapic, „Lord" - T. Kuruzovic. Directed by Gradimir Gojer. Stage designer: V. Srbljanovic. Photograph: V. Sljukic.

  3. Costume designer: Miroslav - Batan Blagojevic. Serbia. T. Ruzevich: „Thetrap": Belgrade drama Theatre. 1998. „Madher" - T. Miletic, „Father" - B. Stojanovic, „Felisa" - V. Cicic, „Franc" - E. Petrovic, „Greta" - A. Cengic. Directed by: dr. Nono Dragovic, Stage disigner: J. Dragovic, photograph: studio Borba.

  4. Costume designer: Miroslav - Batan Blagojevic. Serbia. T. Ruzevich: „The Trap". Drawing „Franc". Belgrade drama theatre 1998. Directed by pr. N. Dragovic.

  5. Costume Designer: Miroslav - Batan Blagojevic. Serbia. G. Mihic: „Poor Little Hamsters", drawing „Lady", „Hamster". N. Theatre „Sterija" Vrsac, 1995. Directed by N. Pejakovic.

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Costume at the Turn of the Century (1990 - 2015) - Moscow, Russia - - June-August 2015

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