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Naďa Šimunová

Designer Biography

Naďai Šimunová, 2.1.1953 Bratislava, Slovakia.

She has studied at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, during the years 1971 - 1976, under Professor Ladislav Vychodil and Professor Ludmila Purkyňová; her coursework supervisor was Professor Otto Šujan. After graduating at Academy of Performing Arts in 1971, she has obtained an engagement at the theatre Nová Scéna in Bratislava. She has created about 300 costume and stage designs. In addition to the theater, she has also cooperated with television and film. She is an author of costumes from the first sitcom "Staffroom" in Slovakia. In 1999, Nada has prepared entire styling of all the moderators and talk shows in newly developed TV Luna. She has also cooperated with Slovak TV (STV) on external basis as a costume designer of all newscasts. For 17 years, she has taught at Technical University, Department of Architecture, Interior design, Exhibition and Stage design (scenography). Within the last two years, 2013 - 2014, she has given assistance with costume and stage setting to foreign teams in SND (Slovak National Theatre), specifically the performance of opera Lohengrin directed by A.Žargas and opera Bohéme directed by P.Konwitchny. Currently, she is dedicating her time to free creative production and executing and managing the association PRO SCENA. She has participated in number of team and individual scenographic exhibitions and PQ in Slovakia and abroad. She lives in Bratislava.

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Costume at the Turn of the Century (1990 - 2015) - Moscow, Russia - - June-August 2015

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