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Mariaelena Rogué

Designer Biography

Mariaelena Roqué, is a Catalan- Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist .
Costume creator -Scenographer for Visual-Performing Arts.
Model,dancer,performer, professor.
70's. 80's. Studied, searched, worked with several artists in South America N.Y, Europe, the Philippines, on contemporary-experimental music, cinema, photography, advertising, fashion, sculpture, painting, dance. Psychology-Anthropology focusing on cultural manifests of individual and collective ethnia through costume, craft, dance and music. 80's - 2010. Makes several short films in Catalunya, Vidaduelovuelo, Piedraperla, Creates and holds the "Companyia Carles Santos", collaborating as creator and performer with the musician-director in the total visual design and composition of characters for musical- theater works, photographs, films, live-action, installations ....performed mainly in Theatre Music Festivals and Contemporary art Spaces all around the world.

2005-2013 Museums honour her mainly for her costume research and design presented as fine art exhibitions that she performs in huge installations interacting with their own heritage:
Metronom, 1987, Fundació Miró 1994,2006, Museu Textil i d'Indumentaria de Barcelona, 2006.

1997 Music Conservatory of Lyon, 2005, TNT Toulouse-France, 2010 Lyon, Musée du Textil et des Arts Décoratifs, CNCS Moulins, 2011, Extreme Costume PQ11 Prague, VI Encuentro Mundial de Arte Corporal de Caracas, 2011, Museo de Bellas Artes 2011 MAC de Credanyola, Barcelona-Spain, 2012-13

The teaching and diffusion of her developed methods to create-build costumes and characters- images on visual arts and performance is one of her main activities today imparting masters, talks and workshops in universities wordwide.
2011-13 prepares new works on costumes for Ehnological and Contemporary Museums an Exhibitions in Action as a Interactive work in progress coming on in various steps, based on costume ethnical research brought to contemporary view about global cultural-collage today with textiles and items of 40 years of personal collection. The costumes will become later-on the depart for an opera to compose and perform.

2014 -15, She runs several installations and performances creating new shows directed by her with her own historical accumulated costumes and elements, as mutable and new scenography in other compositions , actually ÁPAT KANÍBAL at LO PATI d'Amposta and DESPULLESDESPULLADES at Institut del teatre de Barcelona in Spain, with her different visual shows of SOLO COSTUME like DONAULLSDONAULLS, KAYENAKANDELA.

Designer Gallery

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Costume at the Turn of the Century (1990 - 2015) - Moscow, Russia - - June-August 2015

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