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Tatiana Fadeeva

Designer Biography

Tatiana Fadeeva has been a Lecturer at the Institute of Arts and Design since 2004. She was the set designer for performances of The Kingdom of Women, The White Cloud of Genghis Khan, Bilbo Baggins, or back and forth, and Richard III for the Abror Khidoyatov Dramatic Theatre, and Mama Klava or imagination, and The Dinner Game for the Aladdin Theater, and many others.

Fadeeva was curator of Unfulfilled Plans for the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan, Abovo-start for the Youth Creativity Palace of Uzbekistan, and

Gifts to the Master at the Ilkhom theatre in Tashkent in 2008. She mounted a personal exhibition of graphic arts at the Ilkhom theatre in Tashkent during 2010. Fadeeva was the set designer for the concert Orient and Handel in the days of the week of Germany in Uzbekistan in 2010. She received the prize for the best conceptual design of the year in the Navkiron exhibition at the Youth Creativity Palace in 2010 and was a participant in the exhibition Salon TsDH in Moscow in 2012. Fadeeva has been a constant participant of republican exhibitions and is a member of the Association of Artists of Uzbekistan Academy of Arts.

Designer Gallery

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Costume at the Turn of the Century (1990 - 2015) - Moscow, Russia - - June-August 2015

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